First Crush – #Tiniature

How do you react when your school going kid, tells you that they love someone? Keeping a delicate balance and explaining that it’s normal to feel like that but it’s important to not evade personal spaces. This is an important topic that needs a separate post, which I will write soon, however here is a fun take on this scenario.

First crush

Tiniature – Life of a hacker

Gayatri Gadre has started a series called #Tiniature that will run the whole of July! You write one tiny story everyday on Twitter. Though I joined in late, this is my entry for it. You can read what other’s wrote by following the #Tiniature on Twitter.

Ethical hacker tiny story

A tiny story about how the world just perceives what it sees and understands. There are many careers or interests that the larger public might not be aware of, however, that certainly doesn’t mean that those avenues are any less.

Do you know anyone who has chosen a path less trodden?


#Tiniature – Twitter Tale

Twitter _tale

Twitter usually evokes mixed reactions. There are few who love it and then there are few who hate it. I think it’s more about finding your tribe. Once you find it, you will love Twitter. The above post kind of sums up my relationship with twitter.

Zest for Life

Sushma was feeling confident as she walked in the office. She had nothing to lose and this was a chance she didn’t want to miss. By noon, she came out of the office with an offer letter clutched in her hand and a zeal for life. She reflected at the time in life when she had been depressed, realizing now just how wrong she had been.

Sushma had been a dedicated housewife for the past 30 years and she had been happy doing that. However once the children went off to study and she was left with the proverbial empty nest, a gloom took​ over. She felt like she was useless and her life had been non consequential. Her life seemed to be spiraling downwards.

One day she was asked for help in translation by her daughter. It was a small piece to be translated from Hindi to Marathi and she did a great job with it. Sushma was an army daughter and she had travelled extensively across India. She had been a zesty girl and loved to know more about the culture of the place. She also had a knack for languages. She had picked up 4 languages apart from Hindi and English. As she translated the piece for her daughter she rediscovered her love for languages.

Today, she had won a contract for translation of disaster management booklet, a project that would touch thousands of life. She had also discovered a zest for life.

Youthful – Age is just a number

Amar was up before dawn

Setting his tripod and waiting with bathed breath

He wished to shoot the valley as the first rays of sun kissed them

By the time, he was half way through setting up his equipment,

His frequently irregular apprentice hobbled in, blabbering excuses

Amar gestured the apprentice to be quiet and continued his work

He seemed to be in a meditative state focusing all his energy on his current work

As the first rays emerged, he was ready, clicking away his masterpiece.

Once the shoot was over and the team packed up

Amar went over to apprentice, informing him that he was no longer needed

The apprentice begged and pleaded for him to continue, explaining that he had been sleep deprived

But Amar was in no mood to listen; he simply informed his decision and walked off to his car

As is the case with any emotionally charged outburst, the apprentice started accusing Amar of being senile and non accommodative 

That’s when an old hand at Amar’s studio took the apprentice aside and calmed him down

He simply explained “A master artist isn’t born; it takes years of discipline, dedication to the craft and continuous learning.

This 60 year old award winning photographer is always updated about the latest trends in his craft and has dedicated his life to it.

He is up anytime to shoot his beloved pictures, while managing the many personal and social engagements. Learn and imbibe rather than finding excuses.

Don’t accuse him for your lack of dedication and energy; he at 60 is more youthful than three 20 something’s like you put together.”

Xenial – A hospitable stranger

There was a heat wave across the country. It was sweltering everywhere and the only safe haven was air conditioned offices and stores. Veena was standing on the road, waiting to cross. It was lunch time and she had to go to a close by eatery to buy her lunch. As she waited for the vehicles to recede a small girl around 5 came to her begging for some money. The heat was so annoying that Veena just waved her hand, asking the girl to go on. She saw traffic thinning and without a second thought she quickly crossed the road.

Just as she started walking under the canopy of trees and into the eatery, she realized what had just happened. She just couldn’t bring herself to eat, thinking about that girl alone on the road in this smoldering sun. She also realized there must be many such children on the road. Veena got up and went back. She asked the girl if she had eaten anything, as the girl nodded in negative, she took the girl with her to the eatery. She asked the girl to sit down and ordered two meals for both of them. The girl was stunned and suddenly aware about her surroundings. She told Veena meekly “Please give me Rs.10, I will eat at the roadside shop.” Veena nodded and asked her to sit down. Just then a hot meal arrived and Veena didn’t miss the way the girl hungrily looked at the food.

From that day Veena was a changed woman, she carried small biscuit packets with her and gave it to the street urchins around her office. The children knew her as the ‘Biscuit Aunty’ and others as a xenial woman.




I was tired but eager. The whole process had been draining both physically and emotionally to say the least and once, I was awash with a wonderful sense of anticipation. Just after the delivery while you were being cleaned, checked and fed, I hardly had a chance to take a glimpse of you. I was so drained that my eyes were shutting down. Even when the nurse held you to my bosom for being fed I could hardly touch you. I was that exhausted and didn’t trust my hands to hold a tiny baby.

I was moved to the ward post-midnight after a 6 hour labor and delivery. As the nurse came in with you wrapped up in soft cotton, I was scared. I wasn’t sure if I would get things right. I held you close to my heart and just as there were a million doubts swimming through my head, you yawned and opened your tiny eyes, giving me a reassuring smile that made my heart sing. It was such a wonderful feeling that no words can describe it. Being a mother is a wonderful feeling, a feeling I cherish.


A usually vivacious Geet was extremely silent. She was a photographer and the team had come together to discuss the way forward for a new coffee table book for an NGO. Geet had gone to Vrindavan to shoot the images as per the brief and had just returned from her 15 day stay. Neeraj the creative director had seen the images and the same were being circulated with other members. “These are great images Geet, very moving and tear jerking,” however Geet seemed distracted.

She just looked at him calmly and said ‘No’. Before Neeraj could say anything, Geet said “No, I don’t like the ideas that are being discussed here and NO, I am not really happy with the images. Our Coffee table book is about the Widows of Vrindavan. A much neglected and probably a forgotten part of our society. Showing some more despondent pictures is just adding to the noise. These women have been victimized and there is enough said about that.”

She pressed “I met them and have shot them so I know they don’t like being portrayed like this. The NGO is doing some good work with them. I think showing the transformations that they have undergone while trying to be self-sufficient is something that I find more appealing. I shot these pictures while I was with them and these will definitely tell you a different story,” said Geet while pulling out another manila envelope. It was full of determined, at work, happy and powerful images that showed the grit of these widows. Geet had succesfully managed to change the profile of the widows from helpless victims to confident humans.

Image Credit- DNA

Photo Credit – DNA Newspaper.